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Our Yearlong Theme

Our Yearlong Theme

Non-Discrimination Policy

Non-Discrimination Policy

Black Oak Mine Unified School District programs, activities, and practices shall be free from discrimination based on actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national ...more


Transitional Kinder/kindergarten Registration is here!

Transitional Kinder/kindergarten Registration is here!
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School Calendar

We are Grateful!!

Holiday in the Round Time Change

Important Reminder about our Winterfest and Holiday in the Round.

We have moved the time of our Holiday in the Round  to Thursday Evening, December 21st at 6 p.m. just before our Winterfest celebration.

There will be no performance on Friday morning December 22nd

Remember, Winterfest and Holiday in the Round December 21st at 6 p.m. Students arrive at 5:30 to get ready.  See you there!

The Parent Center!

Come to

The Parent Center!

Room 302

Open 8am to 4pm

Chat with your friends

Wait for your older child

Get out of the cold

Harvest Festival and Health

The coming of fall means our Family Harvest Festival planning is underway. This event promises to be fun for all ages. Check our website and FB for details. FAll weather also means Health and Safety, by wearing appropriate clothing, keeping toys and pets at home, washing your hands and not sharing food. 
Finally, we want the community to know our insurance requires pets are to be kept off campus during school hours unless they are part of a class project. If you are picking your student up please leave your pets at home. Thank you!

Arrival and Departure -One Way! Safety First!

At Georgetown School Safety comes First! We have had many visitors on campus this summer and to ensure student safety at all times we are focusing on safe arrivals and departures.

Campus Opens at 8:00 a.m. !

1) If you are on campus during school hours we ask that you sign in at the office and take advantage of our Parent Room or front Gazebo.

2) We will be closing our back parking lots to drop off students. This includes kindergarten and Boys and Girls Club.

3) Parents are encouraged to park in the Office Parking Lot, sign in and walk their student to the playground or class at 8:15.

4) Students  walk on the "Playground Pathway" to play, attend class and travel to first breakfast and to return home. 

5) The playground pathway is used during school hour arrival and departure. The parking lot path, back lots and office path are not open for arrival or departure use during school hours. 

Questions? Contact Wendy at wwestsmith@bomusd.org or 530 333-8320.