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New Tech Network

In 2017-18, Georgetown (GT) School applied and was accepted as a New Tech Network school.
New Tech Network logo - 4 colored disks connected by the letter N
Through this partnership, our students will be engaged in Project-Based Learning (PBL), an instructional method where students work for an extended period investigating and responding to a complex real-world problem. This program builds essential skills for today’s world, including collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity. STEAM skills are integrated into each project (science, technology, engineering and math as well as Common Core standards). Students present their projects every six to eight weeks for our public (parents, the student body and community partners).
Additionally, PBL means creating opportunities for students to be productive members of diverse teams through strong interpersonal communication, a commitment to shared success, leadership and initiative. Collaboration requires that learners have clear safety expectations through behavior, attendance, dress code and the use of school facilities. We provide support, counseling and patience for students who struggle with boundaries. Georgetown School recognizes that each member of our school family has a meaningful role in our students’ lives.
As an NTN school, we provide our students with the opportunity to access state-of-the-art equipment and materials for learning. This means access to music, sports and technology. It means well-trained teachers who worked all summer planning curriculum with your child in mind. It means instructing those students at the level identified by their assessments and then taking them to the next steps. It means supporting struggling students with support services in reading and math until they achieve their personal best.
For parents, it means sending students to school rested and on time, demonstrating by their actions and words that education at GT School of Innovation is important. We explicitly share with our children that school is their job, and learning is the key to success.