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The Design Den

golf ball track
child painting
marble run
child creating a collage

The Design Den is a creative Makerspace!
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The Den is a multi-use creative space. As a Makerspace, it bolsters hands-on and experiential learning. An ally of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education, "making" seeks to simply invite the natural intrigue and curiosity of young creative minds and foster experiences that fuel innovation, collaborative drive and the critical thinking necessary in our quickly changing culture. A a Creative Space, it fosters open ended and directed creative experiences with a variety of materials and mediums.
Your child's class is scheduled for a Design Den introduction called Den Daze. Each teacher has been scheduled for 2 visits between December and May. Please see the schedule below.

Den Daze

Den Daze Schedule

Inside the Den!Top of Page

popsicle dolly

Making a bed for dolly

using construction pipes

homemade glasses

building a fence

student painting a landscape

painting a stick gold

children using glue guns